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And so it continues - fulminar [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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And so it continues [Dec. 27th, 2011|05:54 am]
Hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas. The week leading up to it was crazy at work and although I may not have been in the best of moods, I tried to finish up in a good one. Now for the last 2 weeks at work, we've had a store draw for the employees, and I dropped a fair bit on tickets hoping for the Apple IPad. The draw was over on Saturday and no phone call... oh well. We traveled up to our parents place for a wonderful feed and exchange of gifts. Everybody had a wonderful time. So today when we arrived at work, I was shocked to be told that I'd won the XBOX + Konnect system. Usually my luck never lasts as long as this so I'm happy. I've already had several offers from co-workers to buy it, but I'm gonna wait until I actually see it.

I hope that everyone also has a safe and happy New Year.